Заказ такси в Москве по телефону, НЕДОРОГО

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Book a taxi in Moscow

  • Taxi booking in Moscow and Moscow Region
  • Courier services
  • Airport and railway station transfers
  • Intercity rides
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Car rental with chauffeur
  • Within the City
    Minimum order:
    20 min., 390 rub.
    15 rub./min
    “City + Region” tariff (outside the Moscow Ring Road, km)
    + 20 rub./km
    Minimum order:
    15 min., 390 rub.
    15 rub./min
    “City + Region” tariff (outside the Moscow Ring Road, km)
    + 20 rub./km
  • Airport Transfer*
    1300 rub.
    Domodedovo, Bykovo:
    1300 rub.
    1300 rub.
    1600 rub.
    Domodedovo, Bykovo:
    1600 rub.
    1600 rub.
  • Airport – Airport Transfer
    • Sheremetyevo - Sheremetyevo600 rub.
    • Airport – Airport2000 rub.


  • “Moscow Region – Airport – Moscow Region”: transfer, to the further ride the “Moscow Region” tariff shall apply.
  • Meeting at the airport: the first 30 minutes of waiting at the airport are free-of-charge, and then the waiting tariff is applied.

We are waiting round-the-clock to take your call.

We will deliver you to your destination place with comfort class cars quickly and at a low price.

You can book a taxi in Moscow by calling: +7 (499) 500-60-50

Additional information for booking Khodynskie Krylya Taxi in Moscow
  • If your luggage does not fit in the car’s luggage compartment, putting it in the passenger compartment costs 50 rubles per item (except for hand luggage).
  • Our drivers can also assist you in carrying your luggage. Service cost: ride tariff (RT) + 100 rubles.
  • Courier services: RT + 500 rubles.
  • Booster chair: RT + 200 rubles.
  • If you plan to transport your pets, it is necessary to book a taxi in advance; trip cost: RT +150 rubles.


  • Cancellation's informed 20 minutes + prior to the time of booking is free of charge; otherwise the cancellation charge will incur the minimum ride tariff.
  • If the Client soils or damages the passenger compartment, its repairs, dry cleaning and cleanup shall be performed at his expense at the tariff of the company carrying out the work.
  • 1Large car fleet
    At a low price, we transport our clients with passenger cars in Moscow and Moscow Region. "Khodynskie Krylya" company takes orders for licensed taxis from both private and corporate clients.
  • 2Safety
    All our vehicles are equipped with GLONASS system allowing the dispatch service operators to track the taxi’s movement path and travel time around-the-clock. The special linear control service continuously monitors and controls the quality of the working drivers.
  • 3Comfort
    Our car fleet includes 100 comfort class cars (ŠKODA Octavia equipped with automatic gearbox and an air conditioning unit)
  • 4Quick and efficient response
    No matter where in Moscow or in the Moscow Region you currently are, you can always book our taxi by calling +7 499 5006050 and we will quickly and inexpensively transport you to your desired destination at the right time.
  • 5High quality standards
    We provide taxi services for Muscovites and city guests, as well as for tourists from other countries; only drivers with the knowledge of foreign languages are sent to their calls. We care about our reputation: only spotlessly clean cars, neat and courteous drivers observing the dress code, as well as fairness and transparency of our tariff plans are among our characteristics.
  • 6Benefits
    We offer comfortable cooperation conditions: taxi booking, delivery and waiting for the first 10 minutes are not just cheap, they are totally free of charge; the dispatch service operates around-the-clock and takes phone and online orders. In addition, we have a flexible system of discounts. More information about the current deals is available in the section "Discount programs for our favourite clients". Our staff will also be glad to tell you about them if you call +7 499 5006050.
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Культурный и аккуратный водитель, приемлемая цена и быстрое исполнение заказа!
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Елена К.
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Анна Аксаева
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Анатолий Павлович